•Exceptional Service
•Expert Technical Support
•On-time Delivery......

These are the principles we follow everyday.

CLEAR ULTRASONIC is now a quality brand for ultrasonic cleaner.we understand how important it is to choose the right ultrasonic cleaner for customer,not only for quality products, but also for quality service.It take professtion to know more about professtion,we have been in making ultrasonic cleaner for over the past ten year,professtional expert/engineer,experienced and skilled workers, and also good relationship with partners.What the more important is that we have special inspection person for each order, no matter for our own procducts or for the products we purchase from our partners.

For the past years, we had been facing varies of problems on ultrasonic cleaner,each time we found the problem and solved them. though times and times effort, our people became more and more experienced.We adapt all these we have learned into the product,consolidation and innovation.We believe that CLEAR ULTRASONIC can make the trusted ultrasonic machine for customer.

Order to Poduction to Inspection to Delivery,we can make it easy !