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How should we choose the correct power level for an ultrasonic tank?

The average Watts per gallon of ultrasonics should be between 70 to 100 Watts for critical cleaning applications. This is the average rating and can be adjusted dependent on the cleaning application. To calculate the power requirements use the following formula;

L x(in) W(in) x. (H -2") /231*100=Avg. Watts Power.

It is important to remember that ultrasonic companies can rate the watts of ultrasonic energy in two ways; Peak & Average. Peak watts are the start up requirement and Average Watts are the continuous operating wattage. Base all calculations on Average Watts.

When you are using extremely large tanks, power levels can be reduced to 50 watts per gallon. 【Especially in non-critical cleaning applications】.

Most companies will offer a power intensity control as an option. This control will lower the Wattage of the ultrasonics to any desired level on the top of the power curve. Below 50% there is not enough energy to activate the transducers. (i.e.: if you have a 100 watt avg. ultrasonic tank  you will be able to adjust the power from 50 watts to 100 watts below 50 watts the transducers will not operate.)

The power intensity control is a good option where you will be cleaning delicate parts that may be subject to cavitation erosion or in a situation where the ultrasonics is being used in a plating operation or in other chemical processes.