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What is an ultrasonic eyeglasses cleaner

Wearing glasses/eyeglasses for a long time, the lenses of the glasses will be covered with dust and grease, which will accumulate in all corners of the glasses, including the slot between the frame and the lens, the pad area around the nose and the frame fold. Long-term accumulation will affect our use, and the lens will become blurred. However, glasses manufacturers have little knowledge of contact lenses and common sense of maintaining eyes, and how to clean the glasses. Incorrect cleaning methods can cause scratches on the lens, reduce the life of the lens, and make it easier to absorb dust and grease.

Technical principle

In the ultrasonic cleaning machine of the glasses/eyeglasses, the impact of the "gasification phenomenon" generated by the high-frequency ultrasonic wave of the glass lens during the cleaning process and the system itself constantly move up and down, increasing the friction of the liquid, using the scientific ultrasonic vibration of the vibrator, calmly effectively clean the spectacle lens, thoroughly clean the deposit attached to the lens, and infuse the hand or the traditional care solution to soak the action to clean the lens, which is convenient and unsanitary. The ultrasonic cleaning machine for glasses, which is deflated, cleaned, sterilized, etc., brings unprecedented high-tech innovation to the eye care, so that the dirt on the glass surface can be quickly detached and the high cleanliness is achieved. The ultrasonic cleaning machine of the glasses/eyeglasses has powerful ultrasonic function, which can be completed in two or three minutes under the action of ultrasonic waves. The speed can be several times to several tens of times higher than the traditional method, and the cleanliness can also reach a high standard, which is in many pairs of products. Where surface quality and production efficiency are required to be high, the results that are difficult or impossible to replace with other treatment methods are more prominently displayed. This model has stable performance, reasonable structure, reliable operation, fast cleaning speed and good effect, and is well received by users.


1. It is suitable for cleaning before packaging of high-grade finished glasses/eyeglasses.

2. Simple operation, stable performance, suitable for large-scale continuous production.

3. Beautiful appearance, suitable for home. Small in size, easy to carry for tour.

4. With intelligent counting function such as production capacity, quite humanized design.

5. Ultrasonic cleaning of higher efficiency, the effect is better.

6. Effectively remove the micron unit of particles, so that you can avoid the worry of dirty.

7. Do not damage the surface of the frame.

8. Can improve the quality of the plastic surface.